Why daily protein is most important for women over 40
Daily protein helps women achieve a healthy grow lean looking body   Daily protein intake is important for women over 40. Whether it be vegetarian, vegan or animal is important for mums. As women, and especially for those of us over 40, our health often quietly slips into the background amidst the whirlwind of caring […]

Why daily protein is most important for women over 40

Daily protein helps women achieve a healthy grow lean looking body


Daily protein intake is important for women over 40.

Whether it be vegetarian, vegan or animal is important for mums. As women, and especially for those of us over 40, our health often quietly slips into the background amidst the whirlwind of caring for our families and managing responsibilities at work. Our innate gift of nurturing others sometimes overshadows the need to nurture ourselves. I’ve been there, juggling the demands of my own business, and caring for my son and mother, and I know the toll it can take. The burnout, the low energy, the overwhelming sensitivity to every piece of news, and the self-critical thoughts were clear signs that I was neglecting my own well-being.





Pilates plus more balanced meals of nutrition works

As I immersed myself in Pilates, aiming for those lean, graceful lines, I was also eager to teach my clients about the strength of their core and the benefits of resistance training with bands and light weights. However, as my training intensified, I noticed a shift in my body’s demands. I began to experience fatigue, a clear sign that something needed adjustment. True to my teachings, I listened to my body and conducted a blood test, but the results showed no deficiencies. This realization led me to a crucial aspect often overlooked – nutrition.

Determined to find balance, I meticulously began to monitor my protein intake, scrutinizing labels for natural, high-protein foods. I adopted a simple yet effective approach to meal planning, dividing my plate into three portions – proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables, ensuring a holistic diet. This method, typically resulting in about 20g of protein per meal, whether from legumes, salmon, or chicken, proved to be transformative.

Gradually, I felt a surge in my energy levels and motivation. This change was more than physical; it was a testament to the power of nutrition and its role in supporting not just our physical endeavors but our overall well-being. It’s a lesson in the importance of holistic health that I passionately share with other women, encouraging them to listen to and nurture their bodies.


Studies tell us increasing protein helps preserve muscle mass 


Integrating increased protein intake into their diets can be a game-changer for women, especially when combined with resistance exercise. This approach leads to more significant strength gains and muscle mass development, a crucial factor for women who are often concerned about maintaining a healthy and toned physique. Moreover, during periods of calorie restriction or weight management, higher protein intake helps in preserving muscle mass, ensuring that women can achieve their fitness goals without compromising on strength or health.

As women age, they face the challenge of age-related muscle loss. A protein-rich diet counters this, helping to maintain muscle strength and vitality, which is vital for overall health and mobility in later years. Lastly, distributing protein intake evenly across meals can optimize muscle protein synthesis. This strategy is particularly beneficial for women, who often balance multiple responsibilities and need sustained energy throughout the day. By focusing on a balanced and protein-rich diet, women can support their muscle health while catering to their unique nutritional needs and lifestyle demands (NCBI 2019).


Your protein efforts count 

Envision the impact this small change can make – enhanced energy to excel at work, enjoy hobbies, engage actively with our children, and handle daily tasks with ease. More strength for those physical challenges, whether it’s carrying groceries or pushing a stroller, and a healthier metabolism to keep us feeling vibrant and active. Incorporating protein into our daily meals is more than a dietary choice; it’s an act of self-love and empowerment. It’s about becoming the energetic, strong, and resilient women and mothers we strive to be, all while showcasing the beauty of self-care in our nurturing roles.



Alia Steglinski

Alia is an accredited nutritionist, mum, renowned wellness speaker, passionately advocates for women’s health, focusing on the often-overlooked aspect of nutrition – protein. Understanding the diverse roles women play in daily life, Alia tailors her message to resonate with their unique physical and emotional needs.

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