What I Do

After many years of focusing on the exterior, I realized I was living a lie. I was competing as Miss Universe Australia, dieting to lose weight, slaving my body to lose inches around my thighs. My body could not keep up. I went through three eating disorders & found myself stuck in a dark place mentally, emotionally, physically and so I was forced to stop focusing on the exterior and go within.

Studing at university nutrition, training as a personal trainer, and writing a book, I felt equip to help my clients gain a healthy lifestyle, without them feeling like they were on a diet or having to count calories.

The results from my coaching weren’t just physical, the results were life changing.

I knew in my gut and in my heart there was more to health and life.

My successful method for fitness, confidence presence and better nutrition are simple but are focused on the journey within very different.

After attending Deepak Chopras “Lead With Love Summit” in Aspen Colorado, i learnt the power of spirituality and energy and knew what i was teaching was just the tip if the iceberg.

From there my life changed. I was reborn. My work focus changed. My values strengthened and my health and life started to shift.

Now with a young son living in one if the most beautiful places on Earth, my mission is to help others gain exactly what they desire with health using healthy habit meditation, balanced nutrition practice and foundational movement called yogatone.

My passion is in helping women and young girls experience a healthy body and lifestyle without going through the dieting cycle. To thrive in a strong, energetic nourished body and mind that serves them to do what they want to do and be exactly who they are meant to be.

A healthy body starts with a healthy attitude & mindset

Nutrition advice and weight loss for women on the Mornington Peninsula.
Tone, unwind, meal prep, breathe and just be.

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