Accredited Nutritionist

Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Food Science and Nutrition, Deakin University. Lose weight, balance hormones & feel good in your body again.  

Yogatone™️ Group Program

Get core strength & flexibility in 6 weeks, using Yoga, Pilates & Mindfulness principles with Yogatone™️ founder & trainer Alia. Join us in person in Dromana every Thurs 630pm/730pm & Sat 930am/1030am!

Personal Training & accredited Nutrition

One-on-one coaching with Alia Steglinski. Feel good in your body again. Find your love for fitness and the right nutrition plan for your body. Gain energy, confidence in nutrition prep and a healthy strong body!


Exercise with purpose. Feel freedom in your eating.

Concur your best body & life after 40!

Alia from the Personal Health Coach Academy & her team will help you achieve your greatest health and fitness.


Do you want more energy, manage your health & discover your full fitness potential? It doesn’t matter what fitness level or age you are. I can help you get there. Sometimes it just takes 1 person to believe in YOUR potential and support you. I have seen many clients over many years ACHIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE with fitness, mindset and nutrition lifestyle habits. Now is your turn.



Nutrition Plans Mornington Peninsula


Women’s Weight Loss Exercises Mornington Peninsula


Yoga Pilates Great Energy & Flexibility Classes for Women Mornington Peninsula

1. You are ready to live in YOUR BEST BODY

2. Eating healthy & overcoming cravings is easy

3. Enjoy exercising again- including stretching!

Personal Training & Accredited Nutrition coaching Sessions

Thrive in your best body using Alia's Five Pillar System to complete wellness. One-on-one personal training and accredited nutrition coaching with Alia Steglinski. Sessions focus on creating core strength, tone, weight loss, fantastic energy & fitness performance after the age of 40. 


Healthy Body Image & Good Habit SCHOOL PRESENTATIONS

For Teens & Adults
Grade 10s learn how to feel/be productive and effective in their VCE study. To prepare for success we need to learn how to overcome overwhelm, fuel the body using nutrition, and master mindfulness.  Empowering young students especially those who have been most affected by disordered eating & anxiety. Alia brings proven strategies for mindful eating, accredited nutrition and healthy that leaves an impact.


Personal Health Coach VIDEOS & Podcasts

Watch Fitter With Alia exercise videos here.

Enjoy the benefits of a world class celebrity trainer all in the comfort of your own home or gym. Get exclusive membership that provides daily videos to the Yogatone (TM) program and 6MW (six minute workout) program.



Join a group of Empowered Women who share common goals in health & fitness. Run by founder & Yoga instructor Alia

Discover a whole new level of flexibility, tone and strength, using basic yet powerful Yoga and Pilates moves! Small groups of go getters at Dromana Bay Life Saving Club Beach View Room!


YOGATONE™️ -Build Core Strength | Tone | Rejuvenate  

Yogatone™️ creates lean muscle tone, core strength & deep cellular rejuvenation by using Alia’s method of Yoga, Pilates & Meditation. 

Available both in-person Dromana Melbourne Australia and in the PHC app online.

Yogatone™️ helps women reclaim their peace of mind and confidence in their body’s physical strength. In as little as 6 weeks tone up trouble spots (arms, legs, tummy, thighs) safely using Pilates and Yoga moves. You will also master your strength/tone (in your core, upper body, lower body & obliques) AND master your inner peace.

A healthy body starts with a great nutrition & fitness plan

Accredited nutrition advice & beautiful body tone PT fitness on the Mornington Peninsula.
Feel body tone, unwind, stretch, uplevel nutrition, breathe and just be.