How to achieve emotional well-being as woman
How to achieve emotional well-being as a woman? Emotional well-being is a vital aspect of our holistic health and well-being. It is as important as physical fitness or dietary health. When we achieve emotional well-being as women we start to manage food better. We feel more in control of our cravings and feel motivated to […]

How to achieve emotional well-being as woman

How to achieve emotional well-being as a woman?

Emotional well-being is a vital aspect of our holistic health and well-being. It is as important as physical fitness or dietary health.

When we achieve emotional well-being as women we start to manage food better. We feel more in control of our cravings and feel motivated to look after ourselves. When we are not emotionally well, we feel heaviness or work at a lower energy frequency and attract also similar vibration foods, events and thoughts. It doesn’t matter how long we have felt off in our lives and how many events have happened to us. We can change how we see that hardship now. We can own how we feel about ourselves, and how motivated we are to act on things that matter.

To feel emotionally well is not just about managing emotions; it’s about cultivating resilience, creating excellent tools, and practising great self-compassion.

In our collective journey, we gradually unravel a profound truth about our health – it’s not a quest for perfection or a submission to societal expectations.

True health is about embracing our entire being, recognising that we are a mosaic of emotions and experiences. Anger, joy, sadness, and every emotion in between are not just fleeting states of mind but integral parts of who we are. Accepting and embracing these emotions liberates us from the constraints of perceived perfection.

As we navigate through life, we learn to view growth as a beautiful, ever-unfolding opportunity. Our mistakes and emotions are not detours but essential threads in the rich tapestry of our lives.

By acknowledging that true health encompasses emotional, mental, and physical well-being, we open ourselves to a more authentic, compassionate way of living.


Our health needs are all unique and important

Reflecting on our childhoods, we may recall moments when expressing anger was met with dismissal from our parents or siblings. They saw emotions such as anger & sadness as a sign of weakness, rather than a sign of needing to express ourselves in a healthy way. A sentiment not uncommon in many households.

This experience of feeling judged and then finding myself judging others when acting human (crying, feeling anger, frustration, envy etc) led me to a profound realisation about health and well-being. That feelings and emotions in our bodies are normal. Its how we work through them and for how long we are going to let the hard feelings sit in our bodies that determines our emotional well-being.

I began to craft my own definition of health, one that embraced every facet of being human – not just the physical aspects, but the emotional, spiritual and mental ones too.


We don’t take challenges to heart we learn & enjoy the challenge of them

It’s not just the actions we take towards our health that count, but our emotional response to life’s hurdles. These responses dictate our focus and determination to maintain healthy habits consistently.

Often, we wait for a surge of motivation – a ‘right moment’ to restart Pilates or a ‘better time’ post-recovery from an injury to focus on health. However, this reliance on elusive motivation is a misstep.

True motivation & a journey of better emotional wellbeing stems from the action we take when feeling hard emotions. It’s the small steps, like acknowledging the emotions with great compassion, a magnificent walk in nature or a few minutes of stretching, that ignite our energy. This energy, in turn, fuels further action. The act of moving, even minimally, lessens stiffness and enhances our mood, encouraging us to do more.



Seven ways we can attract excellent emotional wellbeing in our lives:

1 Emotional Well-Being and Results:

Achieving fitness and health goals isn’t solely about physical effort. It’s equally important to be emotionally fit, which means taking ownership of our feelings, thoughts, and purpose driven activities. Like owning the feelings that come up from events that happen and not sitiing in them do the whole day. Choosing to acknowledge them in order to dilute them. Writing in a journal. Choosing to go to the gym or for a walk innature to reflect on releasing pain/emotions and then focusing on steps moving forward.


2 Taking Charge of Responses:

While we can’t always control external circumstances, we have the power to take charge of how we respond to them. This involves not getting entangled in unnecessary drama or negative influences. Giving ourselves only 1 hour to willow in the pain. Not hours a day thinking about the past, or engaging with gossip or feeling the sadness for hours. Instead we process the sadness with professionals, a journal, flood our social media with uplifting accounts- everything we see and hear helps us through the voices of negativity or heavy feelings/emotions a bit faster and more efficiently.


3 Coping with Life Circumstances:

Life events, such as the challenges posed by a pandemic, are inevitable. How we choose to navigate and respond to these circumstances greatly impacts our emotional well-being. E.g choosing to turn off the news or read a book that inspires. We expect adversity in every area, yet know we are developing tools and strategies to help us cope with life circumstances because we know we have no choice. And that numbing the emotions only suppresses them in. We proudly take on any of lifes adversity and just do our best and not give up.


4 Emotional Resilience:

Cultivating emotional health allows us to navigate through life’s ups and downs without it significantly affecting our overall well-being. E.g practicing self compassion when feeling any kind of strong emotion “Even though I feel angry/hurt/helpless/unjust/betrayed I have every right to feel these and I choose to work through them and I completely accept myself”.


5 Mind-Body Connection:

Regardless of external circumstances – whether it’s a hectic day at home or challenges at work – it’s about finding opportunities to integrate a balance of fitness into daily life. This could mean doing Pilates at home, stretching between meetings, or turning a run on the beach into a playful activity with the kids. Knowing that deep breathing is on our side and that we are on a mission to feel safer in our bodies and with our physical activities. It’s about creating a sustainable fitness routine that weathers life’s unpredictability, keeping us grounded and focused on our well-being.


6 Action Based on Feelings:

Our actions are influenced by our feelings. When we’re in a positive emotional state, we’re more likely to take proactive steps towards our fitness and health goals. Try these affirmations: “I am so pleased with my efforts to be more compassionate towards my emotions and needs”. “I am loving the way I feel when I encourage meself so my efforts and learnings rather than listen to any discouragement”.


7 Minimising Energy Drain:

Maintaining emotional equilibrium means we’re not expending unnecessary energy on unproductive or negative emotions. This leaves us with more energy to focus on constructive actions and achieving our desired results.



AURTHOR Alia Steglinski

With a deep understanding of the intricate balance between a woman’s body and mind, Alia provides guidance that is both practical and empathetic. She recognizes that true health is not just about diet and exercise; it’s also about emotional resilience, mental clarity, and spiritual fulfillments. Her approach is tailored to the individual, acknowledging that each woman’s journey to wellness is unique.

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