Personal Training & Accredited Nutrition Sessions

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Weight Loss + Tone Program for women over 40

– Get a personalised 1-1 1hr accredited nutrition plan with Alia (Zoom)

– Get Master PT Alia’s signature Yogatone™️ and accredited nutrition 6-week routine (over 30 fitness and nutrition videos) that helped her lose 15kg and many others lose weight naturally while creating beautiful tone, core strength and energy

Results-based and valued at $480


Individual Personal Training

Alia has helped clients lose up to 20kg, achieve great core strength, sports goals in golf, Gran Prix, sailing comp and professional modelling using her balance healthy eating and exercise approach.

– weekly spots available as mobile service

– create an athletic lean tone using pad boxing, swiss ball core, chin up bar, super setting, bosu balance ball, HIIT and Kettlebell

– discover new tone, flexibility and core strength muscles in a safe and professional setting

Accredited Nutrition Consults

Accredited nutrition sessions by Alia Steglinski (Bch Appl Sci Nutr) that specialise in helping discover the right amount of balance with meals and snacks to help support your body to get lean and get more muscle.

Complete your nutritional profile, get measured via Bio Impedance (or no measurements at all just watch in clothes), get rid of old food habits and gain an awesome healthy food mindset.

Using a healthy nutrition plan we work through the positive discipline of successful eating for weight loss and health. 


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A healthy body starts with a great nutrition & fitness plan

Accredited nutrition advice & beautiful body tone PT fitness on the Mornington Peninsula.
Feel body tone, unwind, stretch, uplevel nutrition, breathe and just be.