How to get fit & fab after a breakup. Heal & create new purpose, beliefs and good habits.
What is better than looking so good that your partner would want you back? YOU FEELING CONFIDENT ABOUT YOUR SELF WORTH, BEING EMOTIONALLY SAFE & DEVELOPING A HEALTHY MINDSET with your nutrition and fitness. Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the World -Marianne Williamson Breakups are hard but […]

How to get fit & fab after a breakup. Heal & create new purpose, beliefs and good habits.

What is better than looking so good that your partner would want you back? YOU FEELING CONFIDENT ABOUT YOUR SELF WORTH, BEING EMOTIONALLY SAFE & DEVELOPING A HEALTHY MINDSET with your nutrition and fitness.

Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the World -Marianne Williamson

Breakups are hard but how we move forward determines our health & happiness

Some of us lose a partner because of unseen circumstances. Some experience being left without any reason or explanation. Whatever the reason for your break up, it is a hard time.  And after a breakup, we can feel low self-esteem and self-worth. There are also various emotions to deal with. Loss, heartache, sadness, and grief, confusion, betrayal, attack, drama, and helplessness. And there is no rule for how long we mourn our losses. But working through it in a healthy way that empowers us and builds us into people we love and are proud to be.

Just like there is always time for pain, there is always time for healing – Jennifer Brown

How to overcome a breakup- the healthier way?

Getting fit to get revenge or to get attention from others may increase self-esteem for a little while.  But revenge takes us away from not addressing our emotions. Getting fit to mask or distract from any emotional pain is a way of working though the pain. But getting fit for ourselves -to empower ourselves to work through the emotional pain is better.

Metaphorically, we nurture a plant so it can grow its roots first and then flower. A flower without roots doesn’t last long and needs replacing once dried out. Nurturing our emotions first is creating a foundation so we can discover what our truth is first.

“Acknowledge you’ve had a rough time and you need to be kind to yourself,” psychotherapist Sally Baker says. “That would be a healthier, more holistic thing to do for a period of time rather than throwing yourself in the gym a million times a week and not eating.”

The question is not how to get cured, but how to live – Joseph Conrad

How to support yourself nutritionally and physically after a breakup:

  • exercise to build fitness, define muscles, build core strength, increase endurance, better your push ups, get flexibility and not focus to burn calories or look good to others
  • choose veg juices and healthy foods instead of eating junk food
  • force yourself to go shopping for healthy snacks- fruit, veg, rice crackers, pop corn, paleo bars (natural) dip, mineral water etc
  • try a new style exercise class that helps you to connect with your body and let it heal or manage aches and pains (Yoga)
  • start exercising with a friend, a PT or join a sport so you have a new cause 
  • fuel your body every 4 hours so you eat at least 3 meals a day in your 12 hour waking day plus healthy snacks
  • allow yourself to feed your soul (eat junk food once-twice a week) and NOT FEEL BAD
  • take pressure off yourself with counting calories or needing to lose weight and focus more on balanced meals and daily exercise 


How to build self esteem and be healthier than ever after a break up?

  • focus on who you want to become as a person now
  • learn to eat balanced meals
  • eat to support yourself emotionally (fuel your body with nutritious balanced meals and natural snacks every 3 hours)
  • hang around other women who show they care about their bodies and their self care (become who you hang around with)
  • talk to a professional about building boundaries in your struggle points so you feel safe emotionally and true to yourself
  • go for walks daily purely to breathe fresh air and enjoy the simple things again (nature)
  • do exercise that helps you connect to your body in a nurturing way (like Yoga & Pilates)
  • let out steam and with more invigorating exercise

New beliefs & affirmations:

I am pleased with my efforts

I am pleased I am learning new healthy ways to work through relationship challenges

I am focusing in on loving me because there is only one me and one lifetime and I deserve to be healthy

I am getting more strong and flexible with the movements I do everyday for my serving body

I feel the energy of clean foods I feed my body 

I am kind to my body and ok with stepping back a bit in my routine with mindfulness, yoga, healing food (complete nutrition) to move forward 3 steps

I deserve purpose in my life and to feel connected with myself and others while I get fit and healthy


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