To tone up we essentially need to want to become more like amateur athletes rather than dieters. A long-term athlete trains for the season and then maintain fitness for the rest of the year. High-performing athletes also don’t diet or go crazy for booze, junk food and destroying themselves in their off-season (a little not crazy). And so to create tone in the body we need to create more of a lifestyle that looks like a long-term athletes lifestyle. We want to develop foundational strength and tone through intense training (4 times a week or daily) plus add good nutrition.

We are not creating or supporting your dieting mindset. A dieting mindset focuses on weight loss and tells you that your food decisions reflect your worth as a person. For example, you are eating bad food so you must be a bad or weak or unworthy person. this can perpetuate a cycle of emotional eating that adds excess weight, reduces self-esteem and get hard to end. So let’s break any dieting cycles and create new body tone body athlete cycles! woo.

The reason why we think of becoming more of an athlete for gaining more body tone is that we gain a new mindset. Our mindset becomes more about overcoming failure, gaining discipline, motivation and dedication.

The three steps you need to tone up each area of your body are:


1. Focus on eating MORE nutrition, NOT fewer calories!

The reason why I say to clients to focus on ADDing nutrition rather than focusing on eating fewer calories is that when it comes to starting a health journey to do with tone, weight whatever it is… we have a choice to go down one of two paths. One path is the dieting mindset (regain weight after you lose it/create an unhealthy mentality of self-worth and food).


It is far more productive focusing on what YOU should eat or a healthy eating approach rather than focusing on what you shouldn’t eat. Ever heard the saying “don’t focus on what you don’t want because you’ll most likely get it”-  “don’t think of the pink elephant”. You get my drift. So we are going to focus on what your day should look like with nutrition and not what it shouldn’t. As an athlete, you need to eat all macronutrients carbs, protiens and fat (more good than bad).

Eat as according to your physical needs not to your weight loss needs. Which basically means this recommendation is only for those willing to exercise at least 30min every day plus toning movement 2-4 times a week.

Essential Nutrition WOMEN -If exercising moderate intensity 30- 90minutes in 24 hours:

PROTEIN (animal or mix of grain/seeds/plants) 1.2-2g per kg,

CARB mainly complex carbs (wholegrain, brown rice, potatoes, pumkin, oats) 5-7g/kg per day

FATS mainly healthy fats such a s omega 3, deep sea fish, walnuts, extra virgin oliver oil, almonds, seeds and some saturated. Avoid trans fats all together.

MINERALS/ELECTROLYTES – sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and glucose. Check with GP if concerned for iron or calcium as a women’s body can be more deficient in these.

WATER – to determine how much water you need use this formula: your weight in kg divided by 30= litres on light training day +.35 per every 30min of higher intensity training

TREAT FOOD sugar/chocolate/white bread/pies/pastry/icecream- enjoy 4 hours before an intense training session if possible for energy or after for recovery, otherwise try on average not have more than once a day


2. Practice motivation or self compassion mantras .

These help you overcome lack of self motivation or self denial to greatness. The first step to becoming an athlete is to create a belief system that you are capable of anything. Including being a fit role model or athlete.

“I am not perfect I am human. I love to learn. I am learning about my own unique body- its strengths and weaknesses are interesting and loved. I feel good chipping away at my fitness every week. I love adding in good food. I am more than enough to feel fit and toned. I am the master of my mind and body and no one else”.

3. Focus on conditioning the muscles and feeling the burn in your muscle areas of the body- arms, legs, tummy back.

Focus on stretching and breathing to help rejuvenate.  Movements that challenge your body and make you go through the burn plus 5-10 more reps is key.

To build we focus on less reps and more weight. To build lean muscle we focus on more reps and less weight.

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