How Do I Get Complete Nutrition From Food?
Learn how to eat better with complete nutrition meals and planning with accredited nutritionist Alia.

How Do I Get Complete Nutrition From Food?

After years of grueling diets and managing two businesses, I barely had a moment to think about my nutrition. My role models were fitness icons with perfect bodies, but I was too drained to consider eating more healthfully. I struggled with food cravings and portion control, feeling lost in my own lifestyle.

The biggest challenge was changing my mindset about healthy eating and taking the first step.

I used to reach for full-cream lattes, cheese sandwiches, fruit, and chocolate when hungry. The idea of including veggies in every meal and avoiding white carbs, which left me feeling heavy, seemed overwhelming.

My perspective shifted when I realized the power of good nutrition. Eating well-balanced meals most days significantly boosted my energy, eating habits, and fitness.

I often wondered how the women I admired could maintain such energy for daily workouts and social media updates with their slim figures. Initially, I thought they must be depriving themselves, but I was wrong. They weren’t starving; they were eating and moving like athletes. Even models like Jennifer Hawkins, a Miss Universe Australia winner I admired during my pageant days, were eating heartily and cooking their own meals. This revelation was a surprise to me.

As I dug deeper, I discovered that prioritizing complete nutrition was a key element in their lives. They approached their diet with a positive mindset, making time for meal prep and nutrition education.

Though I was at a healthy weight, my energy levels and lifestyle needed improvement. I decided to change my approach to eating – focusing on nutrition rather than just maintaining my figure.

I developed a meal plan with pre-prepared meals for the week. My menu included dishes like casserole, vegetarian risotto loaded with veggies, lamb and veg risotto, salmon bakes, and daily fresh juices inspired by Jennifer Hawkins. I also incorporated magnesium powder and a vitamin complex to support my stress management.

The transformation was immediate. On the first day, I felt energized and nourished. My cravings disappeared, and my productivity soared. Investing a few hours each week in meal prep was well worth it.

Here’s how you can achieve complete nutrition too:

Eat meals that are complete in macronutrients plus veg

  • Include macronutrients (fats, proteins, carbs) and vegetables in most of your meals. Avoid eliminating essential food groups when dieting or switching eating habits.
  • Opt for natural ingredients as close to their original source as possible.
  • Plan 4-5 meals a day, tailored to your lifestyle. Whether cooking for a family or just for yourself, focus on home-cooked meals with complete nutrition.

Remember, a dream without a plan is just a wish. Prioritize your nutrition for a healthier, more balanced life.

What are macronutrients and what does complete in nutrition mean? It means celebrating all macronutrients: fat, proteins and carbs plus vegetables



Focus on buying natural ingredients and products 


When we shop for natural ingredients in our balanced eating, we look for as natural ingredients as possible.

For example, a natural source of protein would be deep sea salmon or no additive chicken, home-smoked ham, or no added flavour tofu. Non-natural protein would be supermarket-roasted chicken, ham with preservatives, and flavoured tofu.

An example of natural carbs would be bakery bread, cooked raw white or brown rice, potatoes, and cooked pumpkin. An example of not natural carbs would be supermarket bread with additives, pre-packaged rice meal with additives, and flavoured potato chips.

An example of natural fats would be: extra virgin olive oil in cooking or in a salad, walnuts, fat from salmon, and avocado. Non natural fat would be margarine, canola oil, peanut butter with sugar and vegetable fats,



Plan your 3 meals a day for 5 days a week


The best way to plan healthy complete in nutrition meals and snacks in your week is through planning. Plan your five days of meals and snacks for the week. Create a shopping list (even if its expensive, healthy habits are a priceless investment for you and your whole family). 

If you have a family to feed you may choose to plan to cook these healthy complete nutritious meals as prep prep meals. Or establish where are your quality takeaway meal places. You may find yourself cooking for the family the same meals you usually do but with the complete nutrition method – adding shredded veg or using more natural ingredients.

I suggest mainly cooking at home rather than eating out as you know 100% what natural ingredients have gone into your food. Ingredients with additives that don’t cause possible gut disturbances. 

A goal without a plan is only a wish



Alia Steglinski is an accredited nutritionist, author and passionate about helping women achieve healthy sustainable lifestyle and greatness.

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