The Best Yoga Pilates Class | YOGATONE™️ Pilates & Yoga for Tone Flexibility & Core Strength | Dromana
Yoga and Pilates Program called Yogatone TM is located in Dromana available in Mornington Peninsula

The Best Yoga Pilates Class | YOGATONE™️ Pilates & Yoga for Tone Flexibility & Core Strength | Dromana

Looking to get tone and strength back in your body? Unwind your body and mind? Want to join a movement that is toning and unwinding at it’s best?

Welcome to YogatoneTM. Yogatone is a popular class and transformational program for women and men- now available in Dromana. Yogatone™️ provides residents and holidaymakers an opportunity to unwind the mind, stretch out sore muscles, and connect with like-minded individuals.

YogatoneTM classes are focused on creating foundational core strength and whole body tone. Yogatone™️ celebrates principles of Yoga (stretch holds), Pilates (core and trouble spot toning), Mindfulness (being in the now) & Diaphragmatic Breathing (activating the parasympathetic nervous system).

You will also receive complimentary access to the app when you join the Yogatone 6 Week Challenge!

Each class is run by the founder of YogatoneTM Alia Steglinski

Classes are Thursday from 730pm till 830pm and Saturday 930am till 1030am.

Mats provided.


CLASSES: Want to get join the 6 Week Yogatone challenge? CLICK HERE!!! 

ONLINE: CLICK HERE to LIKE the FB page and stay connected!


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Accredited nutrition advice & beautiful body tone PT fitness on the Mornington Peninsula.
Feel body tone, unwind, stretch, uplevel nutrition, breathe and just be.