So you’ve struggled with your weight for a while now and have decided to do something about it. You know weight gain may have something to do with your portions and or your habit of eating treat foods, such as high sugar/high calorie foods. 

Even though you starve yourself and exercise, you may be wondering why you’re still not dropping the kilos?!

The answer here is simple. 

Don’t just rely on discipline here to get you through these old unnerving habits of uncontrolled eating. Understanding your habits is key which may be emotional, habitual… 

Reasons Why You Have Cravings

Trying to control cravings can be frustrating and totally unnecessary stress. I get it! And so we have to be real here. Telling ourselves we need more discipline and drink water instead of over eating, an old habit that gets us through our day, is just not going to cut it. 

Telling ourselves “I will eat less tomorrow or I will start again” is a lie.

So what does one do when they are about to delve into a big mac or another serve of rice, or needing to eat chocolate to get through the tiredness slump? 


1. You fast and don’t feed your body regularly.

Reasons Why You Have Cravings

If we get cravings during the day or feel out of control with food portions, then it means our body is starving and feels it needs extra calories to compensate for the time it hasn’t eaten. It’s important to prepare and eat 4 meals a day. The more consistently we feed our body, portioned and complete nutrition meals (meals that contain plate fractions: 1/4 carbs, 1/4 proteins, fats, 1/2 veggies), the easier controlling portions are over time! 

In fact your body will start feeling less need for second serves at lunch or dinner as it has gone into a zone of being “topped up” throughout the day rather than deprived and seeking a massive catch up.

2. You eat your food too quickly and don’t register your bodies satisfaction rating.

Reasons Why You Have Cravings

There are two things to look out for when eating more mindfully your meal. One is what is the flavours of your meal. Registering how satisfied we are with flavour is important. However also what is important is the second reason, how full we feel. It takes at least 20 minutes to feel full. 

Slow down your eating and start to notice how full you feel. Note this takes time, but we are aiming to learn about being mindful about our physical cues over time. It will come!

3. You believe that you can’t control your emotions and use food to distract you from the your emotions.

As humans we feel several emotions a day. Emotions can be varied such as stress, frustration, happiness, anger, shame. That is why it is important to write down your emotions at least once a day in a food diary and talk them through with a professional or with a friend/family member you can trust. Understanding your emotions helps you feel less of them and they no longer have such a grip on your association with eating. 

4. You don’t get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can cause us to feel more tired, moody and less able to feel full. 

Reasons Why You Have Cravings

When we are tired we are more likely to emotionally eat or eat because we are tired. That is why it is crucial to get uninterrupted quality sleep every night preferably 7.5 hours.

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