How to lose weight without counting calories?

As a holistic health professional, I get asked this question a lot. How can you lose weight without solely focusing on the calories?

And the simple answer is yes you can lose weight by entering a program or app that helps to improve your lifestyle habits and mindset. It’s called a maintenance program where you get to lose weight as a result of practising balanced mindful eating habits every week and practising exercise most days of the week.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of relying on someone or a program or product to help you lose weight. Weight loss is like learning basic maths or English at school. It takes some time to learn and practice. But as long as you have a good teacher and are willing to learn from your mistakes and keep trying you ll get there eventually and then there will be no going back.

Calorie counting or someone telling you off for being bad presents controlling behaviour that is not healthy and serves no purpose towards a healthy weight. A weekly plan with nutritional meals, being kind to your body while up-levelling it (try these Yogatone™️ exercises that I created) and positive discipline and support from a health coach is better long term approach.

Find an app or program that helps set you up for success in the long run. You should not feel like you can’t do this on your own once you finished the program. When I see clients for 6 weeks to 3 months max 6 months, they all go away knowing the principles of healthy eating, and a healthy exercise lifestyle.

Indeed weight loss at a scientific level is calories burnt through exercise and calories not eaten with food. In fact, to lose 1 kg of body fat we need to have 7700kcal less a week. However, losing such an amount each week is not as sustainable. It is advised to aim for 1/2 a week. So to lose 1/2 kilo of fat we would need to have 3850kcal less a week. To break 3850 into nutrition and exercise that’s 275 cal less of calories a day from food and burn 275 calories a day through exercise. 

How to know you are eating 275 calories less a day without counting calories?

  • Lessen your binge sessions. Have fewer times in your week that you emotionally/boredom eating. You should only eat treat food such as a maces meal or lots of cake and pizza, wine or party food once a week. If you can’t just do it once a week because you honestly don’t feel in control or that you need it to survive, I hear you but that’s one habit that would probably take off the full 275 amount! One slice of pizza is 285 calories, so imagine you said no to the extra slice you usually eat (had 2 slices instead of 3 or had half a pizza instead of a full) you are making a significant contribution to the daily calories. 
  • Eat natural clean food 5 days a week. Creating pre-prep meals instead of eating takeaway and choosing natural snacks instead of sugary one. Can save your body from consuming the empty calories your body just doesn’t need. 
  • Plan what we eat every day at least 5 days a week. Instead of thinking you are on a diet think you are changing your lifestyle so your body has a change to nourish 5 days a week and enjoy food more 2 days a week.
  • Plan for 3 balanced plate meals a say and a healthy snack

What exercise burns 275 calories:

  • Do Yoga 45min
  • do gardening 60min
  • 1 hour brisk walking
  • Tips for weight loss a holistic way:

Realise you are improving your habits with food

  • Weight loss will come as a result 
  • It is important to exercise and eating balanced meals 5 days a week is important. 
  • Don’t measure yourself with scales if you have a history of anxiety or worry about weight. People within a normal weight range fluctuate by 5 pounds. Hormones, fluid retention and constipation are reasons for fluctuations. If you are not used to the fluctuations or have been always focused on weight then it’s time to focus on lifestyle changes instead.

You will notice results towards a lighter energised body with the following
– better movement

  • Lighter in your step upstairs/getting up
  • Fewer cravings (takes 2-4 weeks to desensitise taste buds and help the brain adjust to more natural food and less sugar/savoury tasting foods)
  • Less bloating in the gut
  • Feeling more even with energy and mood as you are eating balanced meals 3 times a day minimum
  • More muscle popping out from daily exercise