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A global survey published in 2021 of over 73,000 adults from 33 countries found that more than 40 percent of respondents had gastrointestinal disorders, like irritable bowel syndrome or constipation. Chronic, unexplained abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhoea are all signs of poor gut health, experts said.


Maltodextrin is the additive that is of concern today. There are studies… that show maltodextrin to cause intestinal issues inflammatory bowel disease (1). We don’t think of processed food in our supplements, for example, such as for our babies. I thought that I would bring that to the table. It’s important to know what’s actually in our food. My little one was on formula pretty early on.


So I breastfed for like three months or four months, and then we use formula. And, you know, it was great. A lot of moms at the time said that formula was good for their little ones but I don’t know if it was the swelling, like, he seemed swollen or I don’t know, I looked at the ingredients, I’m like, something doesn’t quite add up. Like there was just some symptoms and then I noticed as a nutritionist, you read the labels- it is important. So whatever brand you have, look at the ingredients.


You can’t trust brands anymore. I’m here to tell you the the good news that there are other brands that don’t have Maltodextrin, and don’t have other additives. So shop around and watch those, watch those labels and those ingredients very closely then. Yes, look at the ingredients. The first few ingredients if they sound natural like milk solids or goat milk solids, you know, like that’s natural ingredients. But when this, you know, Maltodextrin and obviously in other foods… tran saturated fats, which would come up within the nutritional table… artificial sweeteners artificial colors flavors which are still in kids foods. So the only way that you know, that it is healthy for your child and yourself is to check the label, check the ingredients.


So the more natural ingredients the merrier. I looked at some museli bars the other day and I noticed that most of them will say no added sugar but they are the highest in sugar because sugar obviously can come from fruits, it you come naturally from milk. But the total sugar is sugar I would say Number one, it’s important to have as many natural ingredients in your food, in your label as possible. And then if you know, if you do have issues with high blood pressure or you’re diabetic, you do need to look at sugar as well.


1 Check label for natural as possible ingredients- are the ingredients you see there mostly natural or do they sound like a science lab? You want to avoid artificial sweeteners, artificial colours, hams that are not smoked but are the usual ham with nitrates, preserves in dried fruit. You will see ingredients like milk solids, wheat etc. They are NOT unnatural. Some people may be allergic or intolerant to these ingredients which is why they avoid them. But if you are not allergic, then the main concern is the additives that cause gut health issues. So look at the label and ask yourself which product here that I need has the natural ingredients? 

2 Check table section of the label for low to medium levels of sugar. A low in sugar food is 6% or 6gg per 100 of total sugar. A medium is 8.5%or 8.5g per 100g. A high is 10g per 100 or more. If you have gut issues you want to stick to low sugar options for a while to help the gut fix itself as bad bacteria love sugar and you want the bad bacteria to get deprived and thrive with the good. 


Food companies (US) earn on average, the revenue I just look the other day, 320 billion dollars a of revenue in 2022. It’s growing steadily by about 1%. Their main agenda is profit, is keeping profit, growing profit, its service. I mean, your products will last longer they will taste better. They’ll have better texture, but at the end of the day, when you see lecithin in dark chocolate, that is, instead of cocoa butter. It’s only because it’s cheaper. Like, I feel a bit ripped off when I hear about that why are we having so many more issues with our gut.


If you have a staple food product at home that you using everyday, check the labels. (Brendon) You are recommending that we should be label reading all the time? Clean out your pantry not asking for a lot… but start tweaking your nutrition. Start tweaking your food’s, build a new repertoire of food in your cupboard, in your fridge, it’s as simple as looking at the back of your dip, is the lots of crap in there? Yes, there is. Alright, what is better, okay. I found a better one. Keep buying that one every week. Bang. You’ve changed your nutritional profile. Less preserves better for your gut, better for your energy, your family. Can’t go wrong.


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