Best Personal Trainers Mornington Peninsula
How to find a great trainer in the Mornington Peninsula- what to look for!

Best Personal Trainers Mornington Peninsula

What does a standard personal trainer do?

A personal trainer is a fitness professional who helps people to identify their health and fitness goals. They then design an exercise and fitness program for their client’s goals. They also educate and motivate people to help them safely reach both their health and fitness goals. There are many personal trainers in the Mornington Peninsula working at gyms or run a mobile business- travelling to clients homes, outdoor locations and businesses.

What would the best personal trainer do?

The best personal trainer would have many years experience up their sleeve and help a client identify their health and fitness goals. They would work closely with their client and help them build an empowering plan to get them results with their body shape & size, habit changes, and health needs. A good trainer provides not only fitness knowledge but him/herself extensive knowledge, even tertiary education in all areas of health.

A good trainer knows the full meaning of health and so, can professionally offer or provide tools, strategy and education towards achieving the client’s optimal health or management of health.

What is the definition of health that some trainers use?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (WHO)

How much does a good personal trainer charge in Mornington Peninsula?

Female or male fitness trainers can charge anywhere from $39AUD to $400 per hour. Depending on how experienced and in-demand the trainer is. Some trainers that charge more may have tertiary education such as a bachelor in nutrition or science or have their name to helping certain celebrities achieve goals. One on one training is more expensive than online. In-person sessions involve: bringing equipment, maintaining equipment, providing support outside of sessions, portable measurements and nutrition cooking demos. Purchasing a six-pack of PT sessions or some kind of program from the trainer can be a cheaper investment as it is usually discounted to reward the client for their commitment.

How do I know a trainer is good for me?

The best way to know fully if a trainer is right for you- is to have a chat with them. There is usually the first option to chat either in person or online. Ask them questions and share your health goals and concerns. See how they react to your health goals. If they have a standard “one size fits all” procedure for weight loss for example (going on diet and exercise) you would rather a healthier balanced lifestyle plan that works for the long run. You deserve to have someone who sees you as a unique body, mind and spirit (more than calories in and calories out) and knows how to get results incorporating all that health is.

Ask them how long they have been training for and if they have worked with someone with your kind of goals. If the trainer has worked with your kind of needs before and sounds attentive and is experienced- you may have a match! If they seem more focused on slave driving you or haven’t had a track record of getting results for their clients, then keep searching as you deserve to have your health goals met without creating more internal stress in your body from the sudden exercise boost and a good trainer will explain to you how they can see this positive change happening for you.

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