Yogatone Mums App

Yogatone (TM) 6 week challenge App is designed to:

  • Give you individual support from expert trainer Alia Steglinski
  • Provide you daily exclusive & clear instructional videos (5min-35min) usiing Yogatone movement (stretching, toning, breathing, pt moves and mindfulness)
  • Give you guidance videos on how to use the App and go from “no tone and minimal core strength” to “absolute body tone confidence and fun mum energy”!
  • Provide meditative videos to help you learn to relax and do more letting go using breathing and healthy body relationship mindset
  • Give you weekly nutrition recipes to help aid muscle recovery and increase energy from a nutrition level using the Australian Dietary Guidlines
  • Give you instant exclusive membership to regular expert tone support & go getter mum community
  • Help you get accountable: track stress levels, body tone photos, body measurements, plank holds and more

Do I have to be good at Yoga or Pilates?

You do not have to be good at Yoga or Pilates to do this program. We use simple terms to describe what to do and we repeat common moves so you can learn to safely progress and perfect your moves and stretches.

Its easy to start and start getting results!

The only requirement is an ok from your GP/Specialist to start exercise again and a willingness to get in tune with your body each week for 6 weeks, a willingness to learn about your body and mind connection and patience towards seeing results. We recommend starting Yogatone (TM) Mums classes 7 months after natural birth, or when you’re ready for a safe at home fitness routine.

We focus on progressive exercise each week to help your body build confidence and an understanding of your true strength within.

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Yogatone Mums

Yogatone (TM) Mums is one of the best toning & strength fitness program.

Apps available in 2022. It helps and has helped, transform regular mums to fit, strong and energized mums. It is popular 6 week program, created and run by Australian celebrity body tone specialist and accredited nutritionist Alia Steglinski.

This professional App helps mums manage aches and pain, while improve core strength fitness & tone. Using powerful movement principles from Yoga, Pilates, PT Mindfulness and balanced in nutrition mums and bubs recipes.

Yogatone (TM) Mums is created on the belief that every mum is capable of doing amazing things with their body by, having World class professional support and guidance, quality “me time” to tone, unwind, breathe and just be.

Yogatone (TM) Mums daily fitness classes and exclusive membership helps mums of any fitness and nutrition level, get their confidence back, naturally achieve a healthier body size, better posture, & core strength.

Yogatone (TM) movement is a gentle series of classes designed to help the body and mind connect, for tone and relaxation. It is a combination of Yoga, Pilates, Traditional PT Toning and Mindfulness.