Start to understand boredom eating and stress eating.

The reason why we emotionally eat is because we are masking some kind of emotional discomfort

For example, if we feel stressed, or tired, or feel neglected of our needs we deal with it through food. 

We may overeat on healthy food or what we may call traditional foods, such as: bread, rice, stir fry, fruit juices, red wine. Our fullness gauge doesn’t work. Or we overeat on unhealthy food such as processed treat foods such as: chips, ice cream, donuts, pizza, biscuits. Unhealthy foods are foods that contain preservatives and or a lot of sugar, trans fats and do not have nutritional value. Both unhealthy and health foods are what we tend to overeat on when emotionally eating or when we find we have gained a few.

So it is not the food that we need to change. It is the driving force of emotions and the subconscious mind that needs addressing first.

Why Being Fat Is An Emotional Issue

“In this case eating no longer serves its purpose of providing nutritional spiritual and physiological fulfilment.” – Alia

It acts as a mask and quick fix, that if not dealt with, at the root cause can create even more damage down the track.

In fact, brushing off our existing negative habits, the need for weight loss or ridding daunting emotional pain… delaying these issues, can create worse problems in the future. 

For example, when we stop over eating and start dieting again, instead of working through our emotions, we can turn to other worse habits that simply musk your issues better.

You need to acknowledge old emotions and beliefs to process and release them and set yourself free.

Emotions are like having a nail in the foot. If you don’t get the metal nail out of your foot it will get infected and taking antibiotics only works for a while until another problem surfaces. The nail is a foreign object that the body is trying to process and simply can’t. Emotions that are constantly coming up that cause us to over eat, or do other bad behaviours such as self medicate with drugs or alcohol for example are a sign that we are ready to release them out of our bodies.

When we are fat (over a BMI of 25) plus our waist is over 80cm for women and 94cm for men, we can either live with it or do something about it. Some people accept that their weight runs in their genetics or that they will never keep fat off. That is the problem- if you believe this you will never lose the weight. 

Why Being Fat Is An Emotional Issue

Change your belief and emotions and change your weight! Guaranteed!!!

When is a good time to be unhappy about the weight?

Being unhappy about being fat or having more weight because we feel tired, have health issues or cant keep our energy up with our kids or work is a very good indication that it is time to lose weight. 

First things first- understand what is driving the weight gain in the first place.

It is how we lose the weight here that can either make us go back to being fat again after we lose the weight plus give us more emotional burden or find ourselves sustained in a healthy lighter body and soul.

When I see clients who have gained weight, say from 5kg to even 20kg, it is due to having an illness such as PCOS, thyroid, autoimmune disease, a sporting injury, depression or anxiety. 

As you can see I have cases of weight gain that are due to a physiological issue and cases that are an emotional issue.

The tool to understanding if fat gain is due to emotional or physiological is to do a food diary that includes food eaten, how full you feel and what emotions are felt. If you are over eating at night because you are bored that is emotional eating. You are eating to knumb your boredom which means you feel uneasy in what you are doing or who you are.

If you eat and you feel stressed say because you work hard or have issues at work and feel you deserve food and indulgence then you are creating more stress on the body with giving it more food than it needs, especially when we feed it sugar or processed ingredients.

Why Being Fat Is An Emotional Issue

The reason for stress eating is usually because you feel you can’t cope or feel you are not enough, with your work efforts and probably are a perfectionist or have high expectations to uphold that seem to never get fulfilled. And so food or overeating fulfills you on a physiological level. But the feeling or root cause emotion of not feeling enough to cope with the stress or expectations is an indication that you need to heal that ASAP.

Feeling not enough, can stem from childhood when our parents argued or disowned us emotionally or physically. 

Once we know or acknowledge where the belief of not being enough or not being able to cope with emotional hurt is, we can then process it, release it and put in healthy habits that last. 


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