Yogatone Mums

What are Yogatone (TM)
Mums sessions?

Yogatone Mums sessions are hosted by mum, Body Tone Specialist & Yogatone Founder, Alia Steglinski. Each session focuses on creating: relaxation, stability, whole body tone, core/pelvic strength, & metabolic energy. Enjoy fundamental techniques from Yoga, Pilates, PT as well as Diaphragmatic Breathing & Mindfulness. For mums (any age with/without bubs), bubs (2 months- 2 years) & toddlers (2-5).

How Yogatone (TM) Mums help mums
feel strong and toned again?

Yogatone helps mums in Mornington Peninsula find strength, positivity, connection through weekly classes. Sessions are designed to help busy mums to improve muscular and postural strength. Through regular practice mums discover new tone (in their arms, tummy, core, glutes and legs) and strength in their core. Yogatone classes are known to do so much good, in as little as 1 hour. Simply by creating time and space for tired mums, to move safely, mindfully and push through the burn. Mums and bubs also get to enjoy the spectacular views of the Dromana Life saving Club and positive energy of their dedicated & nurturing trainer, Alia.

Yogatone ™ Mums Beach view Timetable

Wed @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Sat @9:30 am – 10:30 am
Thurs @7:30 am – 7:30 pm

Mums & Bubs Yoga Pilates Whole Body
Mums Yoga Pilates Fit Fun Whole Body
Mums Yoga Pilates Mindfulness Whole Body

Dromana Bay LSC
Dromana Playground
Dromana Bay LSC

Who is Yogatone Founder Alia Steglinski?

Alia is a celebrity trainer, 2009 miss universe contestant, author and now Safety Beach mum, who has spent over a decade helping clients tone & gain their ideal body shape living. Her work has gone beyond helping clients lose weight. Her programs focus on positive principles of change, such as healthy habits, balance in exercise exertion and learning to enjoy exercise again. Alia is proud to have helped clients change their body shape to a more leaner tone, better core strength and confidence in their fitness.

Alia learnt her Yoga practice from the 2019 Lead with Love Summit in Aspen Co inspired from Deepak Choopra. Her pilates training stems from years of classical ballet dancing and personal training.

How to Join Yogatone Mums Classes?

2. Choose a date to do your session $25 here:

or choose to commit to a 6 Week Core Strength & Body Tone Challenge, for a discounted price of $25 here:

2.  Get the OK from your GP to exercise again (if getting back to
fitness after an injury, long time of not training or after birth).