Transform your Health

Rebirth Program 6 Sessions

What does the Rebirth Program do? Who is it for?

The Rebirth Program helps reprogram the body and mind through intensive one on one, online self-directed healing therapy.

Each session, you will discover how to lessen the emotions you experience that are tying you down in everyday life. Emotions that may be tied to worrying events or unserving habits. Feel empowered again with new self-worth tools, spiritual wisdom and your life story.

If you answer yes to any of the following, the rebirth program may be for you:

  • I am constantly worried about what others think
  • I give to others and i feel like i am left out
  • I feel like i am bound for failure in relationships or in work/business/health
  • I have tried personal training to achieve my fitness goals and it hasn’t worked
  • I don’t feel motivated or disciplined enough to achieve my desired goals
  • I emotionally eat or self medicate and it’s affecting my health

*Intensive 3 month program

*90min per session

*Weekly support

*Available anywhere, online via Zoom

*Limited places available

$130 (AUD inc GST) per session for 6 sessions total $780 (AUD inc GST)