Positive Lifestyle Mindset

Nutrition & Exercise Eating Plan for Life
Audio Series Program

Complete Nutrition & Exercise Eating Plan for Life audio is a series of short positively effective 1min audios.  Narrated by Alia Steglinski. They work by reprogramming your mind to have a positive relationship with food and exercise without ever feeling deprived or restricted.
These audios help you reach satiety sooner and train your brain to make wiser food and drink choices.

For best results play in a car or first thing in morning or at night.

This Complete Nutrition & Exercise Eating Plan for Life Program saves you the cost of a personal trainer, the high failure rate of extreme dieting and the difficulty of ‘yo-yo dieting’.

Gain balance and new complete nutrition routines instead of “up and down emotions” and mindless routines and get your natural levels of productivity and energy up again.

*Receive a set of 15 audios, sent to your phone daily, for regular positive mindset & motivation towards your health goals!

*Normally $99 now only $59 (AUD inc GST)