What are the benefits of hiring a professional Personal Trainer Personal Health Coach?

The benefits of hiring a PHC are that you get two in one: a certified personal trainer as well as an accredited nutritionist.  To lose weight and keep it off, there are three things needed: a good nutrition plan, an injury free exercise plan and a “can do” mindset.

You will notice that BOTH your outer physique and inner health change for the better: Manage autoimmune disease, fluid retention, improve gut health, lower dietary cholesterol and blood pressure – all through a personalised healthy lifestyle plan -that your doctor ordered!

What does Alia Personal Trainer and Accredited Nutritionist do? 

Over a decade Alia has been helping clients lose weight, tone up, get confident in their bodies again, using both good nutrition and exercise strategies.

You will get a Bio Impedance Analysis of your current body fat, muscle mass, inner age, hydration and basal metabolic rate. First analysis is at your first session, then at 3 weeks and 6 weeks. Programs can go up to 3 months. Alia sees her clients lose 2-3 dress sizes or 2-3 belt holes, while sticking to the exercise and nutrition plan and regular sessions.

Who is Alia?

Alia is an experienced and accredited Nutritionist and insured Certified Personal Trainer who completed her Bachelor degree at Deakin University Burwood. She competed in Miss Universe and completed her personal training certificate at PTA Global. She then ran her personal training and nutrition business called “Complete Form Fitness” at the Royal Brighton Yatch Club. 

She also worked exclusively with clients at the Southbank Langham Chaun Spa, Rialto Towers and various corporates. 

Her specialties include preparing clients for golf tournaments, skiing, car racing, sailing championships, racing, helping clients reshape their bodies and reclaim their younger and healthier selves.

Alia then wrote an eBook and recipe book called “The Five Pillar System to a Healthy Mind and Body”. She developed her own recipes with head chef Emma D’lassandro as according the the Australian Dietary Standards. The recipes helped clients gain a healthier leaner lifestyle without dieting.

Alia’s recipes have been known to help clients feel more full during the day and feel more proactive with their self care.

Alia now lives in Mornington Peninsula with her family and enjoys working with her clients one on one and as groups in YOGATONE (TM) sessions.

What does Alia PHC offer?

Choose from: One on one service or small YOGATONE (TM) group training. 

Session cost:

Real Results Program one on one. Twice a week PT and Nutrition sessions. $290 a week. Once a week $150 a week.

YOGATONE (TM) group sessions. Up to 4 people per group. From $50 pp