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Alia Steglinski is an Accredited Nutritionist, Master Personal Trainer, founder of Yogatone (TM) and author.


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Healthy Eating Coach

Alia Steglinski is an Accredited Nutritionist, Master Personal Trainer, founder of Yogatone™️ and Healthy Body & Mind Wellness Presenter who inspires & educates both adolescents and adults to get into the best shape of their lives using her Five Pillar System.

Her Five Pillar System covers health holistically: Complete nutrition, movement with purpose, mindfulness, a positive mindset & authentic connections.

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Alia wrote her book called The Five Pillar System to a Healthy Mind and Body to help busy parents and entrepreneurs achieve work-life balance. The book provides useful tools and strategies on how to understand complete nutrition eating as opposed to diet eating.

Alia is known for her charisma, motivational nature, positive energy and educational delivery that has inspired many clients and audiences to up-level their fitness and nutrition in a positive way.

Her work in health started at the age of 13 when she overcame two eating disorders using nutrition to help her overcome it. At the age of 15 she started working in the pharmaceutical industry & went on to study at Deakin University Melbourne for a Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science. Later accomplished further qualifications as a personal trainer, master life coach, self-directed healer and author.

Alia has presented on TV, radio and TVCs. Alia has Medisure professional insurance and is registered with Schools for Sam.

Client Testimonials

I’m definitely feeling most, if not all of these mentioned signs after our session. I’ve been feeling extremely positive and at ease this week.

I feel like I’m finally becoming content with myself and my surroundings and where I am, which is all thanks to your help ???? So thank you for taking me on this journey – I’ve learnt so much already.

– Satisfied Client

Hey mate you really practice what you preach keep up the good work as you continue helping shape peoples lives in the way you are.

P.S. Your nutritional advice that I took, was a key factor in my preparation as I got myself ready to box for the world title.

– Sam Soliman

I was referred to Alia by a friend and decided to take on the health and self-directed healing session. She has a very likable personality and I was very comfortable with opening up about my past memories and future goals with her in our 90 minute session.

She guided me on the journey of my conscious and subconscious mind to help let go of old emotions that was holding me back, of what I could become. The difference was immediate with the before and after survey. The amazing thing after walking away from my session is that Alia asked the right questions that you never think about and holds a lot of truth to my personal circumstances. That I really thank Alia for the session and look forward to the next catch up.

– Satisfied Client

A healthy body starts with a great nutrition & fitness plan

Accredited nutrition advice & beautiful body tone PT fitness on the Mornington Peninsula.
Feel body tone, unwind, stretch, uplevel nutrition, breathe and just be.