The first step to overcoming overeating and become an “unemotional eater”, is to acknowledge the behaviour that is not serving you or your body.

The way to discover this is to ask yourself:

⚜️ Do you feel like you “need” that pick me up chocolate in the afternoon or still don’t feel satisfied after a hearty meal at night?

The Only Way To Lose Weight Is Not To Control Your Eating Habits

If you are physically not hungry for treat food but rather feel a “need” towards food or drink, then it is your brain telling you what it already knows for many years… it is saying “I use food for pleasure/for distraction/to fill inner voids or feelings of overwhelm or anxiety”.

It is normal to feel a desire towards treat every now and then, but it is not normal to have strong cravings daily. Cravings so strong that it feels like foods controls you every day! You should feel balanced with food and nutrition and be able to easily say “I don’t need that”.

If you are struggling with overeating or are not sure how to overcome old eating habits then you may need to change the way you think as well as the way you eat!

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