Becoming a mom can be a scary thing.

Is my nutrition right? What is enough rest? Can I exercise so it doesn’t affect my pregnancy? These are the questions I asked myself when I was finally pregnant.

To be honest it felt scary. I was 34, used to being independent and found myself feeling quite overwhelmed as, well… I had not been pregnant before. All my life I knew, I had been preparing myself for this moment and I did not want to stuff it up!

And although we may find the information on how to be healthy during the first few crucial months of pregnancy, we still may find it hard to understand and follow the guidance. 

Becoming pregnant is all about stepping back, allowing ourselves to nourish and rejuvenate in preparation for what is to come. 

How To Have A Healthy Baby In The Womb

Stepping back was something I was not used to doing.

Coming from a business mindset I had been used to always pushing forward. Pleasing clients, working overtime and pushing my body over limits was once my norm. 

Once I found out I was pregnant I had to listen to my body, learn not to stress, exercise less, eat more nourished… even if I didn’t want to from feeling morning sickness. 

When preparing for a baby it’s important to change your mindset from looking out for others to looking out for ourselves. 

Looking after ourselves ultimately looks after our baby.

So here are some simple tips that helped me in the first few months of pregnancy, to feel rested, nourished and exercise without too much strain and unnecessary pressure.

Here are three healthy womb pregnancy tips for being a first time mom:

1. Drink supplements and healthy foods.

Take folic acid supplement and focus on eating food/supplements that contain essential nutrients such as iodine, vitamin D, iron, omega-3 and calcium.

There are pretty good pregnancy vitamins out there such as the supplement called Elevit. It is pretty expensive but has the highest amount of folic acid and a nice variety of these nutrients needed to prevent spinal bifida and support a growing fetus. Ensure your baby gets all the nutrients it needs if it doesn’t get them from the foods you eat. Baby’s take a lot of nutrition from the mothers supplies to develop. 

2. Do gentle exercise, not weight loss exercise. 

Your body is focusing on developing your baby and we need to give your baby what it needs. The last thing it needs to worry about is keeping fit and toned which means, regressing your exercise regime. 

Sticking to 15 -30 minutes walking, stretching, rolling, pelvic floor exercises and upper body light weights.

3. Listen to your body rather than pushing through tiredness. 

It is good to actually feel lazy and unproductive. Instead of doing explosive exercise or long duration cardio etc, do regressive exercise and try doing mindfulness exercises on your walk. There are some great apps to help unwind and let go, which is super important to allow the body to absorb vitamins and work to create your little bundle of joy. 

Try the “Expectful” app for preparing for pregnancy using mindfulness. I highly recommend it to help your body unwind and feel supported emotionally.

Trying to get pregnant naturally?

Book a free consult. Alia Steglinski accredited Nutritionist and Personal Health Coach can help you create a plan to achieve a balance and nourished body for a healthy happy pregnancy experience and delivery.

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