By Alia Steglinski Personal Health Coach, Nutritionist, Author of the Five Pillar System to a Healthy Mind and Body lifestyle and recipe book.

Why is it that we gain weight without changing our lifestyle? Where does this unexplained weight gain come from?

As an accredited nutritionist, personal trainer for over 10 years, I have seen this phenomenon with clients on a daily basis and I can tell you, weight loss is possible again because a healthier happier more balanced lifestyle is just around the corner.

I had a client who developed an autoimmune disease in her 60s and she had put on 10 kg. She tried diets and more exercise but nothing was working. Together we made plan with her exercise and nutrition and within 3 months she had lost 2 dress sizes and looked her best yet.

The best was that she felt she had not dieted and was more motivated in her business in life than ever before. All because we took a healthy approach and tweaked a few things. There was no rapid results, just smart moves that resulted in natural weight loss and life gain.

I have noticed that if a client has gained weight, more than a few kilos or increased in dress/pant size or three, then they have most likely changed their lifestyle without even knowing. The calories from alcohol had increased, they have started fasting but also started eating more processed food on cheat days, or their metabolism has slowed from keeping the exercise the same as their age has increased.

The 5 tips that can help you lose weight without dieting

  1. Get real about where your calories are coming from and write in a food diary. Usually we don’t even realize that we have started eating more empty calories such as wine, beer, diet shakes or drinks. Fill out a food diary (or ask me for a PDF version to be sent to you). Count the percentage or have a look at what you are actually eating throughout the day. Sometimes we just need a reality check and go from there.

  2. Drink more water when you are boredom eating or not physically hungry. When we are hungry for sweets or processed food or caffeine we may be more thirsty than we realised. Try drinking water before going for a usual snack. The key here is to break the habit of eating something as soon as we feel the urge or craving and drinking water can help us overcome that, followed by eating some fruit or veggies.

  3. Change up your exercise regime. Yoga or jogging is healthy movement to destress and burn calories but to lose unwanted weight you need to add explosive movements. Try learning to do 10 burpees (take your time too build up to 10) or add sprints to your jogs. Your body will be forced to change as it is shocked into burning more energy from the stimulation movement.

  4. Eat more complete in nutrition meals. Complete in nutrition meals help us feel more full and help us be more nourished. They are meals that have fats, proteins, carbs, fibre and water.

  5. Know you have a choice every time you look to eat a vice food as a snack. Know that old habits of overeating or rewarding yourself with vice processed or high sugar foods or drink can be overcome. All you need to do is believe that you have everything it takes to get over your weakness for food.

Finding it hard to get over your habit of overeating? Remind yourself of your truth: Repeat these affirmations daily: “I believe in myself. I have love for myself and others, I see myself as loveable, what you want in health in life, wants you, I easily attract health and don’t need much food, I love feeling nourished by food not stuffed by food, I feel sick when I over eat, I enjoy eating wholesome food, I love preparing smoothies and juices and complete nutrition meals”.

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