About Alia Steglinski


``It's never too late to be what you might have been``

Alia Steglinski is a Personal Health Coach with extensive experience and training as an accredited practising nutritionist (Bch Appl Sci Nutr & Fd Sci), certified personal trainer, self-directed healing practitioner, and life coaching. Inspired to help her clients gain a healthy lifestyle and drop both fad dieting and weight naturally, she wrote the recipe book and book titled, “The Five Pillar System to a Healthy Mind and Body”, available as both an eBook version & audio.

Alia's passion for discovering true health came from growing up in a health centred family. She was put on diets from an early age and told not to eat certain foods which she grew out of. Her discipline to "not eat certain foods" created an imbalance in her eating habits and caused her to go from one diet to another in an attempt to "fix herself". After many years of struggling with eating disorders she decided to define a healthy balanced eating lifestyle. Her increase in nutrition and kindness to her body and emotional healing helped her body at a core level. She felt less overwhelmed with eating and more balanced in her life. Her mission has been helping other young people and parents to learn to let go of old habits and discover new positive lifestyle and mindset changes.

She has a particular focus in helping clients lose weight, not by dieting or boot camp methods, but by positive discipline methods. Her successful program "The Real Results Program" has helped her clients gain a healthy happy lifestyle. As a common result, clients effortlessly and naturally change the size and health status of their body.

Alia's expertise lie in providing expertise support and tools to her clients and work successfully through their personal health journey. To help them achieve motivation and new habits towards the health and life they desire.

Alia is very different to other health coaches as her method involves every aspect of health and not just one. Her methods are practiced in her programs such as The Rebirth Program and Yogatone (TM). Her signature key elements of health are: complete nutrition profiling, exercise (AIR- Activate, Invigorate, Rejuvenate) and releasing old un-serving lifestyle habits.

Alia has worked with CEOs and staff with corporate health at the Docklands and CBD ANZ banks in Melbourne, Bank of Melbourne, Rialto Towers. Entrepreneurial Mums, GP racers and celebrities.

Her accomplishments include competing in Miss Universe Australia, speaking on healthy lifestyle with David Pryor 3AW and hosting on the show Deal or No Deal with Andrew O'Keefe. She has written articles for Women's Health Magazine, DailyMail, FEMAIL and The Daily Active Times.