About Alia Steglinski


``It's never too late to be what you might have been``

Alia Steglinski is an accredited practising nutritionist (Bch Appl Sci Nutr & Fd Sci), certified personal trainer, self-directed healing practitioner, and author of the book, “The Five Pillar System to a Healthy Mind and Body”. More importantly she is a perfectly imperfect mother and partner who enjoys learning about her health journey and practices what she preaches. She keep active skiing in winter and practising YOGATONE (TM) and doing hikes with her family in Mornington Peninsular in summer.

She has a particular focus in helping clients lose weight, not by dieting or boot camp methods, but by positive discipline methods. Her successful program The Real Results program has helped her clients gain a healthy happy lifestyle and as a result, clients could effortlessly and naturally change the size and health status of their body.

It's time to be truly fit & healthy thrive not just survive

Alia has spent over a decade personal training and practicing her accredited nutrition plans with clients: CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes and entrepreneurs in Melbourne and internationally. Her business at The Royal Brighton Yatch Club had her helping clients compete for World title sailing championships, golf, GP racing, kite racing and hobby sports.

Her accomplishments include competing in Miss Universe Australia, speaking on radio 3AW, writing articles for Womens health Magazine, DailyMail, Femail and the Active Times as well as writing a recipe book.